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In September 2010 I received an email from Argentina. Here's most of the email with my response below.
 Hi !

I found your site, especially through the topic on Archons and Loosh . There is so much synchronicity with the material I read (Salvador Freixedo, Baines, Tom from, Karla Turner, Barbara Bartholic and Jacques Vallee).

There are two comments that you may find interesting to study further: first, (Dark Plasma aka fourth state of
matter), where Archons may "live".  Second, you maybe aware of Laura Knight C's material, do you? She also have interwoven Gurdjieff [see image on the left,G.], gnostic and budhist teachings (and catharism, dualism, sufism and large etc.) with a canalized source.

They explain us that Gray/Reptilian are 4th density STS (service to self) beings which are stucked in their evolutionary process to reach the Source (7th Density, Creator) because the only way is thru Service to Others... Of course we as earthlings (3D STS) are their food.

I'm searching about stuff on exobiology, perhaps a way to join the current scientific model with one that be the base of 4D.STS nourishment process... something that our science people could work in order to recognise aliens as natural human predator... like Gurdjieff's Magicians Sheep...

Feedback welcome! Best, S. , Argentina 

Buenas Dias S. from Argentina,

Thanks for writing. I haven't heard about the yet. I will take a look in the near future and see if it resonates. I have contributed to Tom's Noblerealms a few times (perhaps see noblerealms) before Tom decided to close it down. Tom was once part of Laura Knight's group before he revolted and I have had a firm discussion on their discussion chat group on Cassiopaea in the past as well. I even devoted some pages on the comparison between the view of the Cassiopaeans and the SSoA perspective which I used to resonate with. You could take a look at it on the page Comparisons between..

What I mostly remember about the ones belonging to the Cassiopaeans group (and consequently the Sign of the Times bunch of people at that time, see is that my experiences with them are quite negative. I decided to not invest any energy in them any longer. I also stopped dealing with these grays a while ago. Perhaps they still play a role, perhaps not. For now I really don't care. I prefer to invest in my own process and perhaps there is some truth in the idea that those people that give them a lot of attention might be feeding them throught their attention.

I prefer to invest my energy in developing harmless thoughtforms and ideas to increase the vibration of my thoughts and perhaps develop some ways to share any useful thoughts with others. I love the positive vibration of the Anastasia books by Vladimir Megré.

I would still welcome any information on ways to deal with the possibility that there are etheric beings who feed on our energies. Are you familiair with the concept of the theocrats in the book War in Heaven by Kyle Griffith? I think that might shed some interesting light on these etheric-energy feeding processes.


Illustration taken from: Academic Dictionaries